As if she had not entered the room yet, observant and composed, a sensing individual sits upright in her dimly lit studio. Muted tones can be heard in the distance, as if we enter a room filled with music humming in the dark. Her surroundings always seem in turmoil, whilst the rudimentary exterior surroundings, allow for melancholic reflection. HEIDI PAULA LANGVAD, inspired by the essence of seductive and empowered women, suggests and works towards her personal appraisal of effeminate silhouettes, one without individual compromise.

Embracing her love for traditional craftsmanship, HEIDI PAULA LANGVAD works with selected Danish artisanal studios, with decades of experience in construction and a profound knowledge of materials. The collections are entirely comprised of carefully picked and mainly locally sourced natural materials, ranging from lush cashmeres, to merino wools, to lamb leathers and lush silks. It is by this way of producing; ethic values, sustainability, originality and authenticity are respectfully salvaged and upheld.

Each unique finished garment therefore has undergone an intensive trajectory of sleek craftsmanship and exquisite construction phases, allowing elegant bearers of HEIDI PAULA LANGVAD to seek novel expressions. A dark colour palette further underlines her love for our hidden inner beauty, freed from societal restraints and filled with powerful suspense and timeless expressions.


Muuse's most promising designer by VOGUE talents 2012.


Costume awards 2012 - Best upcoming designer.